Following is a list of the Provincial Champions who are attending our 55th Canadian Fire Fighters Curling Championship
in Winnipeg, Manitoba from March 27 - April 5, 2014.

Teams attending in 2014 will be posted as they become available.

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Nova Scotia From Chester Fire Department L to R:
Director: John Congdon
Lead: Mike Grist
2nd: Dave Richardson
3rd: Dennis Stevens
Skip: Chad Stevens
Prince Edward Island From Crossroads Fire Dept. L to R:
Skip: Jerry Hughes
Third: Ken McGregor
Second: Peter (Tigger) MacDonald
Lead: Bill MacPhee
Director: Brian Burke
New Brunswick From Saint John Fire Dept. L to R:
Director: Kevin Totten
Skip - Joe Vautour
Third: Mike Case
Second: Peter Tait
Lead: Vic Cornfield


From Howick Fire Dept.

L to R:
Director: Fred Hutchings
Lead: J.D. Billette
Second: Dan Brown
Third: Matt Nussey (Attending: Ken McRae)
Skip: Yann Lefebvre
Host from Amos F.D: Pierre Gagnon
Southern Ontario From Ottawa Fire Dept. L to R:
Lead/Second: Brian Scott
Lead/Second: Mike Bohonos
Second: Ryan Ward
Third: Aaron Ward
Skip: Dwayne Lowe
Presenter: Shirley Tessier
Northern Ontario From Dryden Fire Service L to R:
Skip - Cam McMillan
Third - Barry Lynch
Second - Keith Apland
Lead - John Popien
Director - Dan (Jake) Jackson (missing)

Manitoba From Winnipeg Fire Dept. L to R:
Skip - Dan Michalchuk
Third - Ken Anderson
Second - Bob Scott
Lead and Director - Guy Senecal

TEAM ATTENDING: 2014 Runner-ups
Skip - Daryl Bjornson
Third - Jamie Pachkowsky
Second - Bill McDonald
Lead - Kris Rosolowich
Director - Guy Senecal

Saskatchewan From Regina and Kronau Fire Depts.. L to R:
Skip - Jeff Gartner- R.F.D.
Third - Bernie Bandur - R.F.D.
Second - Brad Schneider - K.F.D.
Lead - Paul Comfort - R.F.D.
Director - Dale Nixon (missing)
Alberta From Smoky Lake Fire Dept. L to R:
Director: Greg Royer
Lead - Ken Osepchuk
Second - Scott Franchuk
Third - Bill Smith
Skip - Larry Lafleur
British Columbia From Campbell River, Summerland & Vancouver Fire Depts. L to R:
Skip - Dean Thulin - C.R.F.D.
3rd - Ken Dawson - C.R.F.D.
2nd - Robbie Robinson - S.F.D.
Lead - Mike Caton - V.F.D.
Director: Steve Errington (missing)

Northwest Territories
-Not attending-
- Not attending-

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