Following is a list of the Provincial Champions who are attending our 59th Canadian Fire Fighters Curling Championship
in Thunder Bay, Ontario from March 29 to April 7, 2018.

Teams attending will be posted as they become available.

Click here to see a complete list of past Provincial Champions (listed by Province) from 1960 to present day.

Nova Scotia From Chester Fire Dept.
L to R:
Director - Mike Hennessy
Lead/2nd - Mike Grist
Lead - Dave Richardson
2nd - Daniel Jessome
Mate - Dennis Stevens
Skip - Chad Stevens
Prince Edward Island From Summerside Fire Dept. L to R:
Skip: Gordon MacFadyen
Third: Jason Cameron
Second: Robbie Rankin
Lead: Ray McCourt
Director: Peter A. MacDonald
New Brunswick From Saint John Fire Dept. L to R:
Skip - Joe Vautour
Mate: Mike Case
Second: Peter Tait
Lead: Vic Cornfield
Director: Kevin Totten

From Howick Fire Dept.

L to R:
Lead: Tyler Buchanan
2nd: Kent McRae
3rd: Shane McRae
Skip: Ken McRae
Southern Ontario From Ottawa Fire Dept. From L - R
Lead: Mike Bohonos
Third: Aaron Ward
Skip: Dwayne Lowe
Second: Cole Lyon-Hatcher
Director: Ross Hammill
Northern Ontario From Thunder Bay Fire Department,
L to R:
(Missing) 5th: Joe Marques
Lead: Martin Hynna
Second: Philip Dzuba
Third: Gordon Williams
Skip: Dan (Jake) Jackson

Manitoba From Winnipeg Fire Dept. L to R:
Lead: Ward Hobson
Skip: Ken Dusablon
3rd: Scott Williams
2nd: S.R. (Bob) Poole

Saskatchewan From Saskatoon Fire Dept. L to R:
Skip: Gregg Tarasoff
3rd: Chris Haichert
2nd: Carmen Koch
Lead: Tyler Harrison
Director: Garnet Zummack
Alberta From Edmonton Fire Dept. L to R:
Skip - Aaron Bartling
Third - Jim Henderson
Second - AJ Rankel
Lead - Cory Henderson
British Columbia From Prince George Fire Dept. L to R:
Skip: Blake King
3rd: Cliff Warner
2nd: Jay Winkel
Lead: Trent Blair.
Northwest Territories

From Fort Simpson Fire Dept.

Steve Moss
Kirby Groat
Mike Rowe
Pat Rowe


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