Following is a list of the Provincial Champions who are attending our 58th Canadian Fire Fighters Curling Championship
in Mississauga, Ontario from March 24 to April 2, 2017.

Teams attending will be posted as they become available.

Click here to see a complete list of past Provincial Champions (listed by Province) from 1960 to present day.

Nova Scotia From Chester Fire Dept. L to R:
Director - Mike Hennessy
Lead/2nd - Mike Grist
Lead - Dave Richardson
2nd - Daniel Jessome
Mate - Dennis Stevens
Skip - Chad Stevens
Prince Edward Island From Crossroads Fire Dept. L to R:
Skip: Jerry Hughes
Third: Billy MacKinnon
Second: David Leslie
Lead: Amanda Brazil
Fifth: Bill MacPhee
Director: Peter A. MacDonald
New Brunswick From Saint John Fire Dept. L to R:
Director(5th): Kevin Totten
Lead: Vic Cornfield
Second: Peter Tait
Mate: Mike Case
Skip - Joe Vautour


From Ormstown Fire Dept.

L to R:
Director - Tom Hamilton
Skip - Scott McClintock
Third - Taylor Lamb
Second - Tim Rember
Lead - Tyler Waller
Southern Ontario From Ottawa Fire Dept.
From L - R
Skip - Rob Bushfield
Vice - Kurtis Byrd
Second - Cory Cooper
Lead - David Kemp

Missing - 5th/Coach - Dwayne Lowe
Missing - Director - Ross Hamill
Northern Ontario From Ignace Fire Department,

L to R:
Skip -Tony Zappitelli
Third - Ron Zappitelli
Lead - Vern Hertz
Second - Terry Lee
Director - Jake Jackson

Manitoba From Winnipeg Fire Dept. L to R:
Skip & Director - Dan Michalchuk
3rd: Bill MacDonald
2nd: Scott Fuchs
Lead: Scott Kissick

Saskatchewan From Regina/Kronau Fire Dept. L to R:
Skip - Jeff Gartner
Third - Brad Schneider
Second - Paul Comfort
Lead - Chris Rugg
Director - Garnet Zummack
Alberta From Edmonton Fire Dept. L to R:
L to R Lead - Cory Henderson
Second - AJ Rankel
Third - Jim Henderson
Skip - Aaron Bartling

Missing: Trish Young - Director
British Columbia From Campbell River, Summerland & Vancouver Fire Depts. L to R:
Lead - Mike Caton - V.F.D.
2nd - Robbie Robinson - S.F.D.
3rd - Ken Dawson - C.R.F.D.
Skip - Dean Thulin - C.R.F.D.

Missing - Director: Steve Errington
Northwest Territories

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